FURA Mentor of the Year

About the Award

Robotic Lab Assistant

- This annual award recognizes one outstanding faculty mentor from across the state of Florida.

- Students submit nominations, and the award is presented at FURC each year.

- Nomination letters are evaluated for evidence of the 10 Salient Practices of Undergraduate Research Mentors.

Engineering Class

Nominate your mentor

Nominations are due by 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022 

To nominate your undergraduate research mentor, you must:

- Be a currently enrolled undergraduate at a college or university in the state of Florida

- Have worked with the faculty member you are nominating for at least 2 semesters prior to Spring 2022

Eligible faculty are full-time professors, lecturers, or instructors at your institution.

Full instructions and eligibility are available with the application.

Previous Awardees


2022 FURA Mentor of the Year:

Dr. Bridgette Froeschke

University of Tampa

 Dr. Froeschke was noted by her students as “pushing them to go out of my comfort zone and accomplish things they never thought they could”.  Furthermore, the students distinguished that Dr. Froeschke  was able to create a “lab family” by involving all members in monthly dinners, trampoline adventures, and graduation celebrations.  All these things and much more highlighted the extraordinary contribution this year’s winner has made to the Florida undergraduate research community.

2021 FURA Mentor of the Year:

Dr. Jessica Siltberg-Liberles

Florida International University

2020 FURA Mentor of the Year:

Dr. Luciana Garbayo
University of Central Florida