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Research Changes Lives

Students who engage in research and inquiry:

  • are more likely and better prepared to attend graduate or professional school.

  • learn their subject more deeply and are more likely to finish their degree.

  • gain confidence in their knowledge of the discipline and their abilities to contribute.

  • build a community with fellow research students and   faculty.

FURA coordinates events to celebrate student accomplishments while working to ensure that Florida institutions follow best practices to provide broad access to research opportunities. FURA also recognizes excellence in mentoring with an annual Mentor of the Year award and provides scholarships to students who would otherwise be unable to attend FURC.  

Please consider donating to support FURA.

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“Having the experience of networking and presenting my research has helped me in many ways. Although it was amazing to gain new presentation skills and add this experience to my resume, the most important takeaway for me was the confidence that I gained. Being able to present my work and network with other students helped me feel like a real scientist, and gave me confidence that I could do this in my future career.”

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